Found a baby bird?

By July 9, 2016 February 17th, 2019 Uncategorized

Have you ever found a baby bird that has fallen out of its nest and wondered what to do?

If the baby bird has little or no feathers;
Gently and quickly, return the bird back to its nest.
If the nest has fallen out of the tree, securely wedge it back and put the baby bird back in.
A fledgling, a young bird with feathers and wing muscles should be left alone. If the baby bird has feathers, its eyes are open, and it can move away from you, ideally you should leave it there. Fledglings initially fall out of the nest (or are encouraged by their parents) and stay close to the ground (in bushes or low branches) when they are learning to fly, and start flying with short hops from branch to branch.

If the nest is destroyed, or you cannot find it, you can make a nest out of a small takeaway container or margarine container. Punch holes in the bottom (for drainage) and line the container with paper towel and bark shavings or leaves. Secure the ‘nest’ with duct tape in a branch fork near the old nest or near where you found the baby bird. The bird should call out and be fed by its parents. If you are certain the bird is an orphan:

Prepare to transport the bird to a rehabilitation facility or your closest vet clinic. Carefully place the baby bird in a small open container lined with paper towels, and place both in a cardboard box. Keep warm until you have reached the facility.

If the bird is in immediate danger of being attacked by a cat or dog then get the dog or cat away from the area, put the bird in a nearby bush, shrub or tree limb, out of harm’s way. Do not stay in the immediate vicinity of the bird (if you want, you can hide and watch!) – the parents are probably watching and will not approach if you stay around.