Summer News 2014

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Patient of the month

oscaOne night in August, Osca was found collapsed and surrounded by puddles on blood with a nasty laceration to his right forepaw. His owner responded quickly applying a pressure bandage to the wound and getting Osca straight to the afterhours clinic. He was treated for hypovolaemic shock (low blood volume) with intravenous fluids and appeared to respond well.

When Osca arrived here at HVC, the next morning he wasreasonably bright and his “colour” (judged by looking at the pinkness of his gums) was good, however as soon as he was given a “premed” (drug combination prior to a surgery) he became very pale and lethargic again. A measurement of his red blood cells showed a dangerous anaemia indicating Osca was in need of a blood transfusion. We were lucky to be able to contact the owner of one of our blood donor dogs and arrange an emergency blood transfusion. Oscar was given blood and taken into surgery to stop the bleeding and close the deep wound. The leg was dressed to protect the tendons while they healed and later that evening he was sent home on strict rest.

The next day at Osca’s revisit he was back to his bouncy self.

Osca is a very lucky dog. Thanks to Shadow the greyhound (our blood donor) he is alive and well today.

Whats involved in being a donor?

If you are interested in having your canine friend become a blood donor hero, there are two main processes that occur. Firstly if you pet fits the donor criteria we make you and your pet a free appointment with one of our friendly veterinarians. In this appointment we take blood from your pet and send it to the lab to be blood typed. At this time your pet will also receive a full health check. In order to be a donor your pet needs to be healthy and also needs to have a certain blood type. If your pet is able to be a donor, we will then ask your permission to keep your pet on file incase of an emergency. In the event that we need a blood donor, one of our team will call you and ask you to bring your pet in for blood sampling. During this procedure the team will take blood from your pets jugular vein. This involves your dogs neck being clipped and cleaned. Once we have collected the required amount of blood, your pet will then receive a refreshment and well earned snack. Your pet will be kept at the clinic to be monitored for a short time, and then sent home on rest for the remainder of the day. The amount of blood needed varies but your pet will need to take it easy. There are great benefits to being a blood donor. We offer our donors a free annual health check and vaccination plus a bag of food each time they donate.

blood donors wantedHow being a donor saves lives

When our staff call for a blood donor, this call normally means that immediate access to your pet will be required. 95% of the time, a call for a donor dog is due to another pet being in a serious condition that requires immediate intervention. Most of the dogs that will require a blood transfusion have suffered a traumatic injury, or sudden illness, such as;

  • Hit by Car
  • Poisoning
  • Trauma
  • Massive blood loss

These are situations where having a donor dog on file can mean the difference between saving a patient or losing one. Your pet may only be called upon once during its time being a donor, or it may be used multiple times. The most important thing is that there are pets available to help.

blood donorsWhat makes a good blood donor?

  • Over 25kg
  • Under 5 years of age
  • Never had puppies
  • Never received a blood transfusion
  • Lean body weight
  • Have nice long necks
  • Are quiet and easy to handle
  • Ideal donors are dogs like Greyhounds, Labradors and Huntaways

If you are interested please call.

Flea time again

It’s summer time again, and with the abnormally warm winter this year we are noticing an abundance of fleas. While regular flea treatments are very effective, it is important to remember that you may also have to treat your home.

If you are noticing that your regular flea treatment is not having the same effect this year, then its a good idea to treat your environment. When treating your environment, its important to treat anything your pet comes in contact with such as curtains which touch the floor, bedding (both human and pet) and carpets. You can flea bomb your home with bombs from your local vet clinic or hardware store. When choosing a flea bomb you want to ensure any product you purchase is pet friendly.

We recommend the Indorex Range. They offer the indorex foggers, which are flea bombs designed to treat up to 40m2 these are used in conjunction with indorex target which is used to spray directly onto areas that may be inaccessible to the fogger; such as edges of rooms, within furnishings etc and also used to directly target heavily infested areas. They offer an indorex spray which can be used directly on kennels or pets bedding, and also the house packs which contain 5 foggers and an indorex target. It is important to follow directions closely when using this or any other type of flea bomb, for both safety and for optimum results.

For any further information or if you would like to order an Indorex Pack today please call our friendly staff to arrange this for you.