Winter is upon us

By July 9, 2016 February 17th, 2019 Uncategorized

Do you have a dog that spends most of its time romping in your backyard, or a kitty that whiles away the day in a sunny patch on the floor. With winter’s arrival it may be a rude awakening. Sure, your precious pets are covered in fur. But many just aren’t equipped to be out in frigid temperatures for prolonged periods.

As beautiful as our pet’s fur is, it’s not a perfect insulator. If an animal’s coat gets wet the fur loses most of its insulating ability. For cats and dogs with short fur, protection is even more minimal. Your Pets toes, nose and ears are also vulnerable to the chilly temperature.

Tips to keep your pets warm this winter.

  • Provide dry draft free shelter, with plenty of food and water
  • Winter Clothing: While our feline friends don’t tolerate clothing, they are quite useful for your pooch. It is important to remember when fitting a jacket to your dog not to use human clothes. These restrict your pets and if they get wet they may try and get out of them which can be a suffocation risk. Jackets and jerseys designed for your doggy can be found at most pet’s stores or online and are ideal for keeping your dog warm this winter.
  • It is not recommend leaving your puppy or kitten out during these colder nights. They do not have the fat, metabolism or full fur to keep them warm. Best tip is to keep your new addition indoors if it’s chilly or in a warm kennel.
  • With older cats and dogs they should be kept indoors as the temperature drops. You may also notice as the chilly season sets in that your pets become stiff and sore. Arthritis in dogs and cats is very common and symptoms are normally most apparent in the cooler months. There are lots of things our vets can do to help your pets stiff joints so if you’re concerned please don’t hesitate to call for friendly and helpful advice.