Hornby Pet Care!

The HVC provides a complete surgical, medical and diagnostic facility for your pet companions.

HVC is open six days a week from a purpose built air-conditioned Veterinary Hospital. The Centre is clearly located, provides ease of parking and is scrupulously maintained.

The HVC hosts five dedicated veterinarians with six trained veterinary nurses and integral support staff. Each veterinarian has further training in their area of special interest.

When required we link with specialists in NZ or by telemedicine around the world. Because of our combined skills we can provide the total range of services required from a modern day Veterinary Hospital.

Clinical services include Surgery, Internal Medicine,Dentistry, Radiology, Ultrasonography, Pathology, Critical care, Oncology, Inpatient & Outpatient services, Reproductive medicine, Nutrition, Behaviour counselling, Acupuncture and Wildlife medicine.

Thriving Puppy School classes are run from the Centre each week which are hugely successful and enjoyable for owners and puppies alike!

The HVC is proud sponsors of the K9 Rescue Trust, Willow Bank Wildlife Centre and The Antarctic Centre.

The staff are honoured to have provided quality patient care for over 30 years from the most comprehensive, well equipped and resourced Veterinary Centre in western Christchurch.