Veterinary Service with Courtesy & Respect.

As a new or currently valued client of the Hornby Veterinary Centre you will receive our full attention when we are dealing with you and your pet. We pledge that our service will be provided with care, courtesy and respect.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted warmly by our nurse receptionist. There we will confirm your details, weigh your pet and if appropriate give them a healthy treat.

You will be then be invited to sit in our spacious and comfortable waiting room. It contains a range of magazines, a TV monitor that shows interesting and relevant care information and has music to help settle your pet. It also has separate areas so that dogs and cats can wait apart if needed.

While our goal is to see all clients and patients on time, there can be times when the unexpected will create a delay. We are a full functioning hospital and true medical emergencies happen daily. In these cases, we have to stop everything we are doing to care for this emergency. Also when simple appointments turn out to be not so simple like a pet booked for a wellness appointment has more than one problem, or a complex surgical procedure takes longer than expected.  Often you may be sitting in our waiting room watching nurses and vets coming and going, wondering why can’t they see me?, there are so many staff here? But while we have one vet consulting, that you are waiting for, we often have 2-3 vets performing surgery or taking care of our hospital cases behind the scenes.  We care about you, your pet and its health, and even your time. If delays are likely to occur we will talk to you and ensure that your disruption is keep to a minimum.

You may see a trained veterinary nurse first who will complete a history and gather other relevant information for the veterinarian.

The veterinarian will then meet you to examine your pet, answer your questions and decide on which treatments or testing is required.

Normally the nurse will complete the consultation and provide you with further educational information and answer routine wellness questions for you.

Once at reception, the care team will handle the billing, deliver any medicines or treatments and book in follow up appointments.

We are excited to meet you and your animal family members!