Reptiles + Care & Wellness

  • If an emergency happened today, do you have a plan in place to save yourself, your family and your animals? Learn how to prepare to ensure the welfare of your animals during a disaster, such as an earthquake or flood.

  • If you think your pet is unwell, you must take it to your veterinarian for prompt attention. ANY deviation from normal should be a cause for concern and requires immediate evaluation by your veterinarian.

  • Red-eared sliders (or terrapins), Trachemys scripta are commonly kept in New Zealand. They reach a large size and can be hard to keep with the result that they are often released (although this is illegal).

  • Amphibians (frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and axolotl) are a widely diverse group of ectotherms (cold blooded) animals which, compared with mammals, birds and reptiles, have been rather overlooked as pets. They are relatively easy to keep and can be fascinating to study!