Small Mammals + Behavior

  • In the wild rabbits spend many hours chewing grass. This is a tough fibrous material that also contains abrasive silicates.

  • Being normal inhabitants of the Andes, chinchillas can cope very well with New Zealand outdoor temperatures and can be kept in an outdoor aviary with plenty of branches for climbing and chewing.

  • It is most convenient to house pet rodents in wire type 'bird-cages', although cages are available specifically for these pets. Wooden cages are not suitable as rodents love to chew and can really destroy their homes.

  • Mice are kept for many reasons, from being pets to prize show animals. They are not ideal pets in many ways but are easy to keep in captivity.

  • Rats are kept for many reasons from being pets to prize show animals. They are excellent pets, are easy to keep and you can develop good owner-pet relationships with them.