Does your dog have bad breath?

Does your cat chew his food on one side of his mouth?

Do your rabbit’s front teeth grow in different directions?

These are just a few examples of the many scenarios we run into on a daily basis at the clinic. Easily 80% of the dogs, cats & rabbits we see are afflicted with varying stages of dental disease which is one of the many reasons an annual general health check is so important. If left untreated, dental disease can have serious implications for your pets overall health, such as the development of heart, liver or kidney disease.

For dogs and cats, all dental procedures are done under a general anesthetic in our dedicated dental suite. This gives our vets the opportunity to fully examine your pet’s mouth and come up with a plan whether it is a simple ultrasonic scale & polish, tooth extraction(s) or more advanced procedures such as root canal therapy or orthodontics. One of our highly trained nurses monitors your pet’s anesthesia throughout. If your pet requires any tooth extractions, local anesthetic nerve blocks are routinely used.

Once your pet’s mouth is sparkling clean and free of disease, we can then provide you with a wealth of knowledge on what you can do at home to maintain your pet’s dental hygiene.