Help the animal population – desex your pet now.

Spaying, neutering or desexing are the common terms used to describe the surgical sterilising procedure performed by vets to assist with the ever growing pet population. Desexing your pets can prevent problem behaviours associated with pets coming into season such as wandering and fighting. It also reduces the incidence of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine disorders, prostate and testicular cancer as animals get older. This is a commonly performed operation, but it is still a major surgical procedure involving general anaesthetic, sterile operating techniques, and pain relief with an up to 2 week recovery time.

If you would like more information on desexing your pet, please contact one of our friendly team. We can even organise a quick guided tour to show you our inpatient facility if you would like to see where your pet will be cared for during their stay!

With about one million cats, and 700,000 dogs in New Zealand, we need to do our bit to make sure that every pet is a wanted pet.