Pet Insurance

Why we recommend Petplan Pet Insurance for your pet

At HVC we are proud to offer your pet a truly comprehensive healthcare service, but understand that finances inevitably have to be considered when making decisions for your sick or injured pet.

Quality pet insurance cover removes the stress of making decisions as to the best treatment for an unwell pet based on costs. It also means that owners can budget effectively with a set cost each month, avoiding any nasty surprises while still being able to afford the very best of care for their pet. Please note HVC receives no compensation for these recommendations.

All pet insurance policies are not created equal, and we want your pet to have cover when it is needed, so we recommend a policy with the following features:

  • Comprehensive cover – including congenital and hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia and full cover for cruciate ligament injury.
  • Cover for life without exclusion – including lifelong and chronic conditions such as skin allergies, kidney disease or diabetes. Other types of policies will exclude such conditions once a dollar limit is reached or at annual renewal.
  • Full cover for referral specialist care such as MRI scans.

Currently in New Zealand Petplan is the only company including all these essential features in their policies. There are several types of policies available, to suit various budgets, and their website is an excellent source of detailed information.