Surgery Consent

Please take a moment to read through this information before you come in for surgery. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We understand that leaving your pet with us for surgery can be an anxious time for both of you.

However, it is important to make time so we can explain the procedure and have you complete the admission forms.
Therefore on the day of surgery please allow yourself up to 15 minutes for the admission process.

To help give you an understanding of what will occur, please take a moment to read the admission form below.

For Procedures, Anaesthesia, and/or Surgery, the following statement needs to be authorised –

  • I confirm that I have received a satisfactory explanation of the reasons for, including the opportunity to ask questions about, the procedure/operation/treatment listed on this form.
  • I confirm that the procedure/operation/treatment, together with possible risks and possible complications, as well as the expected outcome, has been explained to me, to my satisfaction.
  • I understand that all procedures (especially more complicated, non- routine procedures) may result in unexpected complications and outcomes. I understand that all anaesthetic techniques and surgical procedures involve some risk to the animal.
  • I understand that if unexpected complications occur, the situation will be reassessed and further treatment options will be discussed with me. Any further treatment costs will be my responsibility, either during or following the procedure.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident or emergency during the procedure, immediate lifesaving surgical or medical intervention may be required. In that situation, I authorise the practice to take every reasonable action to control and rectify the problem.
  • I understand I will be liable for all costs associated with emergency treatment. The practice will attempt to contact me, on the contact phone number that I have given, to discuss options as soon as is reasonably possible.
  • I also give permission for the veterinarian to use human medicines on my animals or to use veterinary medicines in ways other than their labeled use if the veterinarian believes this is necessary.

Pre-anaesthetic blood testing

Our biggest concern is the safety and wellbeing of your pet. For that reason, we will perform pre-anaesthetic blood testing to detect potential underlying problems that may affect your pets health.

  • I agree to the recommended blood testing                      YES/NO
  • Are you aware of any allergies your pet may have?       YES/NO

Would you like your pet;      microchipped    /    vaccinated

Do you want your pet to receive;       flea treatment    /    worm tablet

I understand that I assume financial responsibility for all the services rendered and that payment is due at the time I collect my pet.

I certify that I have read of had explained to me the above terms and conditions and the procedures referred to in this form. I consent to the Procedure on a fully informed basis. I have authority to sign this consent and I am 18 years or older.