Surgery – Orthopaedic and Soft tissue

We understand that surgery is not an easy experience for you and your pet. At HVC we strive to ensure your pet’s surgical procedure is as comfortable and stress free as possible. We use a variety of pain relief medications and techniques to ensure your pet is pain free post-operatively.

We have a team of highly trained, experienced veterinarians and veterinary nurses, we are proud of the quality of surgical care we provide and the wide range of surgical procedures we offer.

My pet is having SURGERY – What do I need to know?

Pets scheduled for anaesthesia at HVC are prepared by withholding food, but not water, for a minimum of 8 hours prior to surgery. Your vet will speak to you about any other special treatment that may be required prior to surgery.

You can drop your pet off from 8:00am, we will call you it once surgery has been completed, and give you an indication of the time you can pick your pet up. After surgery care: Each case/procedure requires different after surgery care. Your vet or nurse will speak to you about this when you collect your pet.

What does it COST?

We currently allow accounts to be paid by cash, credit card, and Q card. Exceptions may be made to cater for animal emergencies. Call the clinic if you would like an estimate on costs, they can discuss charges with you as they vary depending on outcomes, medicines and follow up care required.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery includes all operations that do not involve bones, joints and the spine, and so includes the routine “desexing” or neutering procedures we recommend for all pets. Common soft tissue operations include wound closures, hernia repairs, cancer or tumour removals, bowel surgery and bladder surgery.

Our purpose built hospital includes 2 operating theatres, so your pet’s surgical procedure will be performed aseptically in a clean theatre environment, with theatre staff wearing scrub suits, gowns, hats and masks, as you would expect in a human theatre environment. Because of the complex nature of many of our surgical cases, our surgical equipment, supplies and instruments are extensive.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Here at HVC we see a wide range of patients with orthopaedic (bone and joint) diseases, from a 700 gram Chihuahua to a 70kg Great Dane! Bone and joint disease, whether it is arthritis, a fracture, a ligament injury or something less common has the potential to cause our pets a really significant degree of pain and reduction in quality of life, so treating these problems can be really rewarding.

All our experienced companion animal vets are very capable at recognising and managing orthopaedic problems, but we are also able to offer a level of care and investigation in this area above that of most general practices. We are able to manage the majority of orthopaedic complaints, including cruciate disease, fractures, joint fusions (arthrodesis), surgical management of dislocations and many more.

Please feel free to contact Andrew Hay directly at the clinic if we can help with any orthopaedic problem.